Man being lathered up for a shave at Seaport Barbers


Seaport Barbers has officially arrived in one of Bostons' most vibrant and fast-growing neighborhoods, Seaport! Designed for men who appreciate the art of a fine cut and straight razor shave, Seaport Barbers aims to provide exceptional service. Call us today for a quality cut or a hot lather shave and a relaxing shampoo to complete your experience.



We are open 7 days a week to fit even the busiest schedule. Walk-ins are always welcome; appointments are suggested. Call us or feel free to use our convenient booking tool to schedule your next service.

Seaport Barbers new location in Boston


We're thrilled to be a part of the exciting expansion Seaport is undergoing today. We are conveniently located at 51 Northern Avenue surrounded by innovation, art and community. Our brand-new, sleek location offers a sophisticated environment for our most discerning clientele and their grooming needs.